Europe's Fiftieth Anniversary

This year in Italy and all over Europe there will be many events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Rome Treaties signed on March 25th, 1957.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers wants to unite all celebrations in one great event entitled "Europa 2007" gathering all planned initiatives.

Particular attention will be given to celebrate "A Europe of democracy, participation and youth" in Italy, and particularly the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of the Erasmus programme will be dedicated to European youth.

"Venti di Erasmus" - Bologna and Rimini, 9th - 12th May

Erasmus began in 1987, the programme encouraging cultural exchange financed by the EU to allow university students to spend time studying, in other European countries.

In twenty years more than one million and a half young students have had the opportunity to learn a foreign culture and language, thus living at full the experience of a citizen of Europe.

Celebrating Erasmus means to celebrate the young generations of Europe as well as Europe's future.

"Venti di Erasmus", along with Evento Nazionale Erasmus 2007 of Capovaticano and 20erasmus@Roma in the capital, is one of the events celebrating this anniversary in Italy. It is an occasion dedicated not only to analyse the importance of cultural exchange between European young students, but also to be enjoyed!

The institutions involved in the event's organisation wish to thank all associations voluntarily working for the students who participated in the Erasmus Programme. We wish to thank especially the Erasmus Student Network association - ESN for its active role as a co-organiser of the Bologna and Rimini days, and the operative support offered as to coordinate at best the students' participation to the initiative.

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