On the occasion of "Venti di Erasmus", thanks to Trenitalia, all registered participants will be offered a 20% discount on Italian railway fares for all return tickets -destination Bologna/Rimini- valid from 8th to 13th may.

How tickets will be issued and used:

Tickets will be issued by 15 Centri Comitive di Trenitalia. If you can't reach the Centro Comitive responsible for tickets issue, you can contact one of the 121 DPNI booking-offices.

In any case, it is necessary to show a valid ID document, the e-mail confirming the payment (with your first name, surname, date of birth and payment code) and the credential received via e-mail after the payment.

Discounted fare tickets can be issued only for second class on the following trains: Espressi, IC, ICN (seats), ICPlus, ES* city, ES* and Regional trains, IR and Direct trains connecting Bologna to Rimini.

No reduction is foreseen on the following trains: Tbiz, TOK and Excelsior coach.

In case of use of couchette or sleeping car, the discount is granted only on ordinary fares, whereas the sleeping car or couchette change is due as full price.

No further reductions can be applied to the reduced price.

Tickets without contextual seat assignment must be validated before departure, according to laws in force.

Tickets can't be used to travel in different days from the specified ones.

Pay attention! If passengers provided with ticket issued for "Venti di Erasmus" are found out while travelling in different days from the specified ones or travelling on board of not admitted trains, they will be considered as passengers unprovided with ticket.

Ticket and seat reservation change is allowed provided that the next travel will be effected from 8th to 13th may 2007.

Tickets can be repaid if passengers renounce the journey, according to laws in force.

No grant of Bonus is admitted.

For further information contact your closest ESN section.

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